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01. Indian towers that sway in unison
02. Latvia and the Celts
03. Ancient recipes for concrete
04. Some Pharaohs' "names" were of not of real men - but only curses
Which dentist would you choose?
06. "Evolution" = "Decline of civilization"
07. Plant that softens stones

08. Ancient tunnel - cut from both ends

09. Inducing weightlessness

10. Amazon jungle expedition?

11.Curse of the grave robbers - was it this?

12. More on the meanings of Pharaohs' names
13. "Sons of God" who married "daughters of men"

14. Inventor discovers 29 pyramids in jungle

15. Energy from pyramids endangers aircraft

16. After catastrophe, a secret few would guard knowledge


 In chapter 17 of Dead Men’s Secrets, you write about the twin towers
in India that will sway in unison after one is set in motion....if you put several
grandfather clocks in one room and leave them for a period of time..maybe
30 days, they will synchronize and all strike exactly at the same time... - Hazel



You Aussies sure have a way with words. And I commend you for that. As
the old saying goes, I'll bet you could sell ice cubes and A-1 refrigerators to
the  Eskimos.
In fact, I wouldn't mind if you were hired by the President of Latvia to persuade
most of the Russians (the deadwood, shall we say) to go back to Russia. Thereby
thinning out the Russian population in Latvia by at least 66 and 2/3rds %.  Probably
take you a couple of years -- and that
would be your side work -- while you'd  be having fun solving the riddle why it is
that Latvia and the Celts share so many symbols, share the bagpipe and other
ancient customs. Just a suggestion. - Saiful


 Ta heaps for newsletter no 3! Fascinating - I've been reading about the
ancient concretes also and there's quite a lot of info now about possible
ancient recipes for stone cutting acids & concrete polymers & the like. - James



On October 2 I'll be flying to Madison, for one week of lectures at the University
of Wisconsin and also in the public library, talking about Bronze Age linguistics.
These early ancestors knew a great deal more about science than we ever have
given them credit for, they certainly were not all illiterate, quite the contrary. In
doing my research I came upon some disturbing mis-translations by the "specialists".
I found two early pharaohs whose names could not possible be correct, because
instead of names, they were curses aimed at intruders to the tomb. Several names te
ll about the pharaohs going voluntarily to their deaths in the faith that they will continue
to live on in a newborn. Even the name of their God of evil, Nephthis'
*, means:
"When the Hebrews came we suffered horribly." When I pointed this out to an
archaeologist, I was brushed off with: "All pharaohs' names have been properly
translated, the book is closed on that subject". Accepting my translations, which are
strictly formulaic, would greatly upset both Judaism and the R.C. church. Many
linguists appear to be in their pockets. I'll be talking about that in Madison if I am
allowed to. – Edo


* Edo’s translation: Nephthys, (introduces evil with Seth).
.ne - eb. - .t. - .hi - is.
ene - ebe - eto - ohi - izu
enetan - eberu - etorri - ohinazestatu - izugarriki
every time - Hebrews - to come - to suffer - horribly
"Every time the Hebrews came we suffered horribly."




Re the advanced dentistry of ancient Egypt, you asked if I had to get my teeth
fixed, would I choose

(a) to let a modern dentist (say, 30 years ago) do my teeth, or

(b) an ancient Egyptian dentists do it for me?

I would pick “b”. But I’d have to use gold bullion for payment because the dentist
would not be so stupid as to accept Federal Reserve Notes. Maybe NORFED
would work! – Glen




The theory of evolution should be more aptly renamed the Decline of Civilization
theory, at least that one would be able to be supported by evidence.

 With each generation I see an overwhelming decline in intelligence and hunger for
knowledge, I see it more and more with my generation as they get older and more
comfortable with their life and become unwilling to have anything upset their apple
cart.  If the truth is uncomfortable, lies and deceptions are "the truth"  It saddens me
to see it.   I'll be done with Dead Men’s Secrets in about 3-4 days. And I can't wait
to press on for more.
Thanks   - Pam




Investigation into plant used would be good.  I had heard in the 90's this information
from reports on native "medicine men" from a botanist.  At that time there were few
specimens available.  I remember that the plants were placed between the stones
and as the stones compressed the leaves the juice squeezed out.  That is why today
stones are together without mortar and appear to be cut so precise as to leave no gap.   
- Sincerely, Jerilyn




On your webpage you give away a lot of free gifts. I have one for you as well.
Did you know that there's a tunnel on the Greek island of Samos that runs for
1 kilometer straight through a mountain? And if that's not special enough, maybe
this is: it seems to have been cut from both sides, meeting in the middle! 
- Keimpe



 The principle of inducing weightlessness in objects is found in the
Bible as well, illustrated when God punished Moses in Exodus for striking
the rock instead of speaking to it.  This passage of scripture should be
studied more closely.  Also, the principle is implied in the Psalms.  When
people sing praises to the Lord, the vibrations produced induce a sense of
weightlessness in the individual and the audience - the physiological effect
of giving your burdens to Christ is manifest.  One other thing on this
subject.  In Revelation, the angel is given a measuring rod to measure
the temple.  Could this rod also be used to construct the temple?  According
to David Flynn's "Cydonia:  The Secret Chronicles of Mars", Solomon used
giants from King Hiram's Tyre to erect the first temple.  Having the
proper rod could induce vibrations through striking or speaking.  Just a



 I am extremely interested in the Ugha Magulla tribe in Brazil.  Anytime
anyone wants to do an expedition to this region and needs a lackey to carry
bags or equipment... count me in.


Hi Jonathan, there was some discussion a few years ago that the people
killed at the tomb died due to an organism called Cryptococcus neoformans
that lie dormant for thousands of years. The spores lie in the dust for all these
until disturbed by people. Regards    Willie


Jonathan: If you have studied the linguistic research on my website you
will have seen that I have discovered the secret meanings behind the Egyptian
pharaohs names. I have decoded and translated some 120 of them, not all
shown on my website but they are in my book "Linguistic Archaeology".
I have contacted a couple of archaeologists who both told me that the names
had been translated already and that they were happy with that. My translations
did not fit at all in with theirs.


The title Pharaoh was supposed to be Hebrew and mean :"Great House"
while my translation shows  the meaning as: "Engaged in pleasing fornication
with a concubine." The title "pharaoh" comes from Greek times but before that
the title was "Errege" which is still the Basque word for "king". The word is
made up of erre and ege. Erreka means current and egetu means to be sacrificed:
"To be sacrificed in the current". This means that the pharaoh had gone through
the Sacred Marriage with a Priestess to become what the bible calls by the name
Tammuz. It is a title belonging to the time of the Goddess religion when the
"printz" would reign for a specified number of years and then voluntarily
sacrificed himself in the First Cataract of the Nile river. He did not die because
no one died, instead he was reincarnated into a newborn. I have described all
this in my book "Odysseus" pages 91-100 and also on my website in the
Chapter: "The Sacred Marriage".


The pharaohs' and deities' names contain new historical information e.g.
the name of the God of Evil, Nephthis, means: "When the Hebrews came
we suffered horribly." When the archaeologists saw this they refused to have
anything to do with my work. I can use some help to bring my translations to
the attention of the world.
   Edo Nyland, Canada




Jonathan, h ere is a point for consideration.

And it came to pass,when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and
daughters were born unto them,that the sons of God saw the daughters of men
that they were fair;and they took them wives of all which they chose.
Genesis 6:1,2.

This is the text which many interpret to mean that some heavenly beings
mated with women on this earth.

Here is a text to compare with this one.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God ,they are the sons of God.
Romans 8:14.

Here we see that the SONS OF GOD are those led by the Spirit,and not some
other order of heavenly being.

The Israelites were led by the Spirit of God, but there were times when they
married UNBELIEVERS,that is the daughters of men. Things got so evil by this
practice in Noah`s day, that God had to destroy the earth with a flood.

Understanding just who the sons of God are,as explained in the Romans
text,gives us a better understanding of the text in Genesis.There are many
theories about the Bible which do not ring true,and this alien thing is one
of them.  Best, Jack



I grew up in former Czechoslovakia. We had the best schools for the basic
education, for more than 700 years.  I grew up in forester's family and in the
biodynamic agriculture (my uncles); I spent 2/3 of my life in the forests and
jungles around the world. I immigrated to Canada in 1968. I have degrees in
3 disciplines: forestry, agriculture and pulp & paper (and further wood
processing), also C.Sc., all from my home country. I went trough 10 semesters
of each, pedology, geology, chemistry (and biochemistry),studied with the best
experts in these field of former Soviet Union. That is where I got into
archaeology also. 


 I came up with a number of inventions since age of 11. I collected a lot of
high tech info from the manuscripts around the world.
In 1981several friends -
inventors - built a unique craft and went mining for 9 months to South America.  

Prior to that I spent over 3 months looking for the gold and platinum deposits

there which I found remotely from here. We just flew there, no government B.S.

And we mined. Unbelievable deposits! Our craft was capable to carry up to 3

tons of weight. When we lost the craft with 2 of my friends in it under strange



In 3 months I spent alone there (dropped of by our craft) I found 29 pyramids

I believe (12 of them have been discovered by satellite since),I did not keep

exact track of it after a while; I was not looking for them. I was in most of

them, if I could get in. Sure it is tough for one guy to survive there even 2

weeks. I still do not know how I made it. We or I never did encounter hostile

tribes but I know they are there. They know that when white men encroach on

their territory it means a big trouble for all of them. Jonathan, over estimated

150 million natives perished over the past 200 years (as per secret reports by

Brazilian and Peruvian governments), greatest genocide in the" historic" times!


I have a few major stories on our stay there. I tried to return 4 times to the area

we mined through Peru, but ran into Shining Path guerrillas. With 90 pounds

of mostly video equipment I was not able to reach it. So we are in the process

of building a new craft, substantially different; it will be built from

indestructible materials capable to go by A N Y speed in A N Y  medium.

Then we will return (not for mining). Jerry,  Canada




Aviators during WW II, used to avoid flying their planes over the pyramids as

the energy flow highly disrupted their instruments. It is quite real I assure you.

And the Earth, at various angles of its tilt to the Sun, merely expands on the

energy flow creating a light show outside which the priests (scientists) used for

the common people.   Harvey




All very interesting stuff.


And the fact that modern technology is about 50 years ahead of the public’s

perceptions of it, leads to the tantalizing conclusion that perhaps [when}

cataclysmic events [have devastated] societies, there might very well be certain

“priestly” or upper class, that manages to hang on to some of the former

technological toys, whilst everybody else quickly forgets them all, under the

new primitive conditions brought about by whatever catastrophe befell their

former society.


One thing is certain, if several people retained something as mundane as even

being able to keep walkie talkies their descendants would quickly gain control

over the new fledgling societies that had reverted back to carrier pigeon type

communication. And they would accomplish that by being very secretive,

jealously guarding their advantage and not sharing I with the new re-emerging

culture a few generations after some big event like a universal flood, or

thermonuclear world war that sent everybody back to the hunter gatherer state

of existence.


And such a hypothetical case is even compatible with scripture, because it is

written "There is nothing new under the sun.”    Bill


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