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Ancient civilizations

Modern relevance

Earth changes
Origins of man - and God and "gods"
Mainstream problems
On a more personal note

 List of Questions Below:

001. Deserts from nuclear war?
002. Former civilizations in Antarctica, Greenland
003. Ancient underground tunnels useful today?
004. Ancient micro technology
005. World maps before "discoverers" came

006. Changes in maps
007. Pre-Aboriginal paintings in Australia
008. Tut's gold from Australia?
009. Micro technology
010. The Black Knight

011. Ancient Chinese were that "mysterious" race?   

012. Ancient voyage India to Rome? 
013. Tunnels explored to the end?

014. Crystal skull a fake?
015. The catacombs of Rome

016. Help! No ancient tunnel pictures!
017. Ancient civilizations and God
018. Religious beliefs of ancient races
019. Ancient giants - mere fantasy?

101. How can you be sure?
102. How do we know this is all genuine?
103. Mainstream sources

201. Why discovered in our time?
202. Example for us

203. Levitation science

204. Spatial energy

301. Earth's last flip-over
302. Sun and earth
The continents divided
304. Fitting of the continents

305. How Antarctica became frozen

306. Is our earth hollow?


401. The Lost Book of Enki
402. Intelligence evolved on planets?
403. Origin of the races
404. Fallen angels and technology 
405. Was God simply an astronaut from space?
406. What about the Greek gods?
407. Was the Creator just one of us?
408. Where did the Creator come from?
410. Discoveries conflict with Bible?

411. Where did Cain get his wife?

501. Why the academic secrecy and cover-ups?
502. Gold chain deep in coal?
503. Explain radiometric dating simply?
504. What if two dating methods agree?

601. Questions from a 17-year-old

602. Too old to start in archaeology?

These are the Questions Below:



QUESTION: All of the desert regions you mentioned appear to have had, at one
time, contained advanced civilizations involved in a nuclear war.  Any
desert regions missed probably contained an advanced civilization destroyed
by similar means.  Is it possible that all the desert regions of the earth
mark former advanced civilizations destroyed by a mutual nuclear holocaust?

- Nathan

 Very possible... at least, for many of the desert regions. Some
others represent salt plains left behind after the centuries-long inland
"puddles from the Great Flood" finally dried up.


QUESTION:  Following this same logic, the civilization map in "Dead Men’s
Secrets" showed advanced civilizations in Antarctica and Greenland.  I'm
not sure if this is possible, but given the extremes that result after a
nuclear war, is it possible these regions became uninhabitable because of a
manmade induced \"nuclear winter\" like the \"nuclear deserts\" elsewhere?
or is this most likely the result of the earth shift during the flood?

ANSWER: Evidence suggests that the major factor was a sudden climate change
(this would require a lengthy explanation which is a topic for the future) - being an
aftermath of the Flood. This comprised (a) a continental split which began during the
Flood, but became final "soon" after. (b) then rapid glaciation due to continuing

volcanism bringing rain which could not re-evaporate due to the  blocking of the

sun's rays - accompanied by freezing at ground level. Man-made "help" through
nuclear conflict could have played a secondary role a little later.

QUESTION: What are the possibilities of the underground tunnels being
utilized/constructed as nuclear fallout shelters? Nathan

ANSWER: Depending on where we're talking about, some of them could be
very useful. The entrances to others are blocked by earthquake debris, etc.
Interesting idea Nathan.


QUESTION: I have a question about the spiral-shaped artifacts that were
found, on the site concerning them. I  read that they were declared to be
thousands of years old. What method was used to get that? I'm guessing
carbon-dating, however I am really interested to see if any radiometric dating
was done on it. The evolutionists I debate with always resort back to that
method, as they say it can date back millions of years. - Adam

ANSWER: The information I received did not state the method of dating
in this case. Carbon dating can only be used on items that

were once living  Frequently in a situation like this where metal

artifacts are found, the  uniformitarian (evolutionary) method is to date the
by the supposed age of the strata where it is found located. And

this gives them their estimated age. In this case the artifacts

have been dated at 20,000 to 300,000 years old, which I firmly reject.


QUESTION: You spoke of a medieval map which shows Antarctica
before the ice covered it.

Wasn't this the map that was rediscovered somewhere in
Turkey? I haven't read Dead Men’s Secrets as of yet but being an
 inquisitive librarian, I read much of interest.
Were you aware that Captain Cook in his voyage of discovery along
the East coast of Australia had pre-existing maps. These are supposed
to be the Dauphne maps, but derived from much older sources.
The curious thing about his 'voyage of discovery' was that where he
placed the British flag to claim sovereignty, ie. Proclamation Island,
if he'd bothered to scratch away the surface 6" would have found a
huge seem of gold. It would have changed this country's future from
what it was! - Craig


RESPONSE: Yes, the map you refer to found in Turkey is the Piri Reis

map. There are a couple of others that show Antarctica in detail, as well.
Your comment about Capt. cook and the gold vein is a
fascinating one. what irony!


QUESTION: I would like to know what information you have regarding
world map changes during the course of the past thousands of years.
P. Karthigayan

ANSWER: There is a spattering of information that has survived concerning
world maps. The very earliest maps show evidence of high technology and
mapping techniques, of a complete globe that was known to be spherical.
Later, as knowledge became lost, others set out to explore the world - and
although more limited in their knowledge, were still aware of  the planet as
a whole, including its size. However, their maps were cruder than the older


QUESTION:  Were the pre aboriginal paintings you were alluding to
what is known as the “Bradshaw” style with an Egyptian influence? –
Robin and Margo

ANSWER: Are you referring to the pre Aboriginal paintings in the Eastern

States or in South Australia?

I am more familiar with those in Chambers Gorge and Red Gorge in South

These are highly stylised glyphs and are remarkably similar to that of early
Sanskrit, Easter
Island and early Chinese.

(In fact, there are striking parallels in symbols in Europe, Asia, Africa,
America and Australia.)
But there are also figures in these gorges that remind
one of early Egyptian or Phoenician craft.

The suggestion is of a mother tongue belonging to a one-time world culture.



QUESTION:  I have read in various articles that the gold in “Tut’s” tomb
was mined from Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Any thoughts on these?

ANSWER: An interesting thought. Although there is positive evidence
of other Australian items landing up in the Middle east, I still have not
tracked down the hard evidence for Gympie gold. But it seems possible.
Would love to get a sample from the tomb
tested and identified.
Technically this is possible.


QUESTION: I will probably buy your book but must admit I am very
sceptical about certain articles. The strange spirals found in the Urals is a
very old story and one that is well known to me. Firstly, as they are metallic
cannot possibly be dated and the area is known as a dumping ground
for industrial waste - they are probably light filaments – nothing more.

ANSWER: You are right, Barry. Metallic objects cannot of themselves be
dated. Traditionally, metallic objects found underground are “dated” by the
presumed age of the strata in which they are found. These objects were
thus dated at thousands of years. Gold prospectors never pan for gold in
industrial dumping grounds.

It is often the case that ancient  “out of place” objects are denounced as
frauds or of modern origin. But that subsequent information shows the
objections themselves to be ill-founded.

It appears that the same has occurred in this instance. You could call me
one of the world's greatest skeptics.
And honest scepticism can be healthy. 
However, we need also to be skeptical of our skepticism.


QUESTION: You have a thing about “Black Knight” in the prologue of
Dead Men’s Secrets (You say that this was not put up by any modern nation).
This was sent up by the English. What do you make of that?  Ing

ANSWER: Actually the British "Black Knight" was a rocket sent up by the

British, but not the pole orbiting satellite of which I was speaking.


QUESTION: Much of what you describe of ancient technology as from some
'mysterious' race is actually from ancient Chinese sailors.   
The 'Topkapi' map of Piri Reis that you referred to, is actually compiled from

ancient Chinese maps now in Beijing museum and not from some mysterious

ancient culture.

Shipwrecks of massive Chinese junks in America, Australasia and Indonesia

have been found (the Chinese ship's rudders were as tall as Columbus' ship!);

and examples such as the carved stones of Africa, the remains of Chinese peoples

in South America, and artefacts scattered all over the world, inscribed with

Chinese characters, in Chinese styles, some of these have been dated before the

arrival of the Europeans. These are confirmed ancient Chinese characters -'Ming

Dynasty type' and not 'mysterious' writings as per your book.

There also exists more evidence such as the linguistic, ceremonial and spiritual

similarities between the Chinese culture and those of other parts of the world in

the fifteenth century. The linguistic similarities found between place names in

Peru and Chile are heavily supportive of the notion that the Chinese exerted a

huge influence there, in pre-Columbian times.

Ducks, chickens and horses in the US, Europe and Africa have been verified by

DNA results that they stem from Chinese Asiatic animals transported by ships in

ancient times. Even rice and maize were transplanted by ancient Chinese around

the world. DNA results also show that the decendents of specific Chinese sailors

live on in the DNA of native Americans and Australians. In Australia as in South

America, native cave art show long robed pigtailed people in ships....'Bird Boat'

natives as per your book.

There are numerous descriptions in world wide cultures describing boats that are

consistent with the ancient Chinese junks of 1421.

In 2002,  China unearthed a tomb containing statues of the hundreds of sailors who

set sail in 1421 to navigate throughout the world. Hundreds of these sailors settled

throughout the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia long before the white man

set foot in those countries. Massive DNA results are rolling in.

I certainly agree with you that Chinese were in very active exploration
around the world in the Middle Ages, before the Europeans.

Also that there was a Chinese expedition to North America around 2000 BC –

evidently part of the global survey being made. Chinese appear to have been among

those who were mapping the world at that time - a mapping project which included

North and South America as well as Antarctica - and some of whose maps were later

copied by Piri Reis.

I would have no dispute with you on that.

But this does not explain the other 99% of sophisticated technology
found in the ruins of ancient civilizations. China (founded a few centuries
after the Great Flood) was just a portion of a vastly bigger picture.


QUESTION:  I have come across a Tamil (an Indian language) script narrating
that an ancient Siddha visited Rome from South India for collecting mercury.
The direction is just opposite from that the present day map shows. Could you
help me with your views. The portion of the verse referred by me is given below.
”I crossed the eastern Ocean and

Moved towards North Eastern Corner, and

Found there the great City of Rome.”

(The traveler travels from Tamil Nadu situated in the southern part of India.He
starts his travel from the Eastern side, i.e., right side of the India map and moves
 to top right; but Rome is in the top left side i.e., North west direction.)  
P.Karthigayan, Chennai.

ANSWER:  From the script you have given, it is clear that this person travelled
the world in an easterly direction. This does not surprise me, because many
ancient travellers went from Asia to the Americas. But your man
took his journey beyond that, as far as Europe. With other information
to which we have access, this is quite consistent with the prevalence of
transatlantic travel as well. From your script, there is no mention of
intermediate stops, but only of the final destination.


QUESTION:  All those tunnels you wrote about. Has any been really found
and checked out all the way to the end?

ANSWER:  Many have been found and explored for long distances. Some
folk in recent years have gone the complete distance. But for most of them,
the answer has to be no.


QUESTION:   Have you read this study about the Lubaantun skull?
1.   If it was found at the bottom of a pit under rocks and debris from the
ruins, then why weren’t there scratches on it?
2.   Indigenous people don’t give away something that they revere.
3.   There were no on-the-spot photographs of it shot at Lubaantun.
4.   In 1992  (about 60 years later) the local natives were interviewed, but they
did not remember the skull.  Juan

ANSWER:  Yes, Juan, I have.  And I'm pleased to summarise the facts
on crystal skulls for you.

While some aspects of the Mitchell Hedges story do raise serious doubts,
the arguments against its authenticity are, on a number of counts, just as
tenuous. The safest course in such a situation is to keep an open mind on
that particular example of crystal skull.

At this present time, no scientist on earth can date any crystal skull -
unless it can be proven that a modern artisan has made it. Crystal itself,
of course, cannot be dated.

But what is certain is this: that a large number of genuine, high quality
ancient crystal skulls have been found.

Some of these crystal skulls have been unearthed in Chinese tombs from
a period in which stone pyramids were being constructed. And 23 more
ancient crystal skulls were discovered of recent times in the Himalayas.

Concerning almost any ancient artifact that shows sophistication, skeptics
are a dime a dozen . And admittedly there have been some fakes. However,

as an archaeologist, over the past 36 years I have seen so many plausible
arguments against discoveries, in which skeptics later had to eat their
words, that one learns to be skeptical even of one's own skepticism.


QUESTION: Can you tell me something about Christian catacombs in
Rome. Ana

ANSWER: The catacombs were underground burial places in which
hid from the persecutions of the Roman emperors. During the
200 years of Christianity, over 6 million Christians were entombed
within the catacombs of Rome. - murdered. How many more were
buried within the other unexplored catacombs is difficult to say. The
extend to a length of 550 miles, from the city of Rome into the Swiss

During these years, for their own safety Christians met secretly
in small groups at the homes of various members, though most
of them went underground in grottoes, but mostly in the catacombs
among the dead.  The Roman law, perhaps with satirical cynicism,
had sought fit to recognise these underground cemeteries with the
degree of sanctuary. However, when Christian persecution was at its
worst, the Roman soldiery would waylay the worshippers on entering
or leaving the catacombs. To avoid capture the Christians made secret
entrances and outlets.


QUESTION: It's interesting to read that you have personally explored an

underground city in Turkey. But where are the pictures?

I bought your on-line book and have lost interest because there are no

photographs of your explorations.  I was expecting new photographs of

wonders like the Trilithons at Baalbeck. That is why I bought the book.

I've read about old world wonders in books by William Corliss and others.

From someone who braved the dangers and went there, I expected additional

information from personal observations and new photographs.

You asked for feedback.  I was going to chalk this up to experience and

forget it, but if you really want to know what I think, there it is.    Woody

ANSWER:  I do appreciate your comments, Woody. All feedback,
whether good or bad, is valued, because it helps us improve our service.

Regarding which items I should have inserted into Dead Men's Secrets

and which things are left out of the main book, it is understandable

that each person will have different interests and expectations and

I wish it were possible to include everything in the one main book.

At the same time, we have to keep our eye on the maximum size

of any documents that are sent as attachments, so that ISPs will

not block them.

But the good news is this. Woody, by acquiring Dead Men's Secrets,

you are also entitled to many times more than just the one ebook.

The 4 additional free bonuses that came with the book are just the start.

You may recall that Bonus No 6 comprises lifelong free updates which are

exclusive, only to owners of the book - and these include some of the

things you mention you were expressing a desire to see.  Some of these

exclusive periodic updates, will include pictures where applicable.

I cannot begin to tell you how many of these free updates are headed

your way over a period of time.

Below is one that is scheduled to be shared with owners of Dead Men's

Secrets soon, but I shall let you in on it early. It is an update on some of

the ancient tunnel systems.

The URL where you can get it is:

http://www. (a secure address)

I wish you enjoyment, Woody, as well as a pleasant Christmas and New


FEEDBACK:  Hi Jonathan, That update on tunnels is what I'm talking about. 
Thanks for including the photos.
They're a nice Christmas present.  I hope to
see many more.
Best regards, and Pleasant Holidays to you and your family
and co-workers.


QUESTION: It might have  been a misunderstanding on my part, but what
does "God" and ancient missing civilizations and technology have to do with
each other?  I was quickly glancing over one of your lectures and "God" came
up. Could you help me with this understanding.  Thank you

ANSWER: Yes, in Dead Men's Secrets chapter 5, against a backdrop of

ancient superior cultures, two alternate theories of history are discussed as

they could relate to the Second Law of thermodynamics. The first theory

suggests that man has risen from a  non or low intelligence  level; the second

suggests that man began at a high intelligence level (hinting at a superior

Intelligence - or God.)


QUESTION:  What have you discovered about the religious beliefs of the
ancient races if they had any?

   According to the evidence, at first they all generally believed in a

one Creator who had made mankind. They also believed they had  rebelled
against him and were guilty of breaking his laws. And they believed in a promised
Deliverer who would come, pay the penalty on their behalf, conquer death for
them, and restore to mankind  life, peace and happiness. Later, this concept was
corrupted, and globally worship degenerated to appeasement of evil spirits, many
gods, heavenly bodies, and ancestors.


QUESTION:   I'm a little sceptical about people who might have been of such
stature as twelve feet tall.
  I think you will find any person who exceeds a foot
either side of five foot five generally have big  health problems such as circulation
etc, so anyone race of people standing at around twelve feet must have been of
different 'design' ( I cannot think of a better word) to the man we know today, or
he would have had massive problems when he stood up from lying down
sleeping. I'm thinking of the giraffe and the highly complicated circulatory system
that controls its blood pressure around its brain when it drops it head all of twelve
feet to drink water? By suggesting this I am just trying to save us from letting our
fantasies run away with us and don't intend coming across as being negative.  Don

ANSWER:   Like yourself, skepticism and caution are my middle names. That is

how we should all be. For that very reason, I  consider it important not to publish

anything unless it has first been checked out thoroughly.


Well, I can assure you that on this topic of ancient giant people - and life-forms

in general (animals, plants, trees) everything was in the past much, much larger.

(By this, we're speaking of the pre-Flood and early post-Flood centuries.)


Amongst the fossils, giant forms have been discovered of almost every kind of creature

alive today - including man.


I have personally seen and handled evidence of giant humans, including remains.


How was this possible? There is evidence that in the pre-Flood world the atmospheric

pressure, as well as the oxygen content, was greater than now. Air bubbles trapped in

fossil remains give evidence of this. In such a world, gigantism would be expected.

In fact, it would be the norm.


To quote English scientist, Alfred Russell, "we live in a zoologically impoverished world,

from which all the hugest forms have disappeared."  Darwin admitted, that he was

astonished to discover that "now we find mere pigmies compared with the antecedent

allied races." (That includes the human race.) In fact, a fresh look at the fossils led

Weidenreich, of Manhattan's American Museum of Natural History, to the belief that

"gigantism and massiveness may have been a general or at least a widespread

character of early mankind."


Now, today, gigantism would be a disadvantage. But in such a world atmosphere

as existed formerly, larger size may have been to man's great advantage.


This evidence is an embarrassment to the evolution theory and there is a mass of

evidence that finds are being cover-up - even physically destroyed!  To keep on telling

us that things that DO exist, DON'T REALLY exist - that is the real "fantasy".


And Don, frankly, we need to expose this kind of behaviour.


So I invite you to come along with me on this. And enjoy the great adventure of

discovering new frontiers of truth.



QUESTION:  You tell some interesting stories. I want to know HOW DO
YOU KNOW?   Esme

ANSWER: One of the bonuses mentioned on our website for owners of

Dead Men's Secrets is that you get the benefit of information on first-hand
research as it continues. Anyway, for starters, you could take a look at the 
page below which gives a few more hard facts on a cross-section sampling

of ancient technology - such
as experts involved in the discoveries and research,
locations where hard artifacts reside right now, and some more pictures.

 (http://www secure site)

Yes, these things are very REAL.


QUESTION:   This is all very interesting, astounding even. But how can we

know that this is all genuine?   Andrew

ANSWER:  Good question Andrew. Well, you can go out and spend a lifetime
yourself investigating as much of it as one man can reasonably do. And that can

cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars as well. Or you can take the combined

testimony of countless witnesses who have between them amassed all this
evidence. Hence I spent 12 + years
tracking down info first hand from over 30

countries.. So Dead Men's Secrets is able to document pages of independent
witnesses to these things.


QUESTION: It is difficult for me to believe in stories of lost technologies within
civilizations that contradict mainstream science. Though I am not saying it
does not exist.
 Have you published any physical proof or empirical evidence with and
scientific journals or archaeological journals? IF so please inform me on
which ones,
I would be interested in researching your findings in published journals. Bradley

ANSWER: In the back of my book Dead Men's Secrets are eight pages
packed with sources, including "Science Digest", "Science Journal",
"Science News", "Scientific American", "Scientific Australian", "Time",
"Readers' Digest", "New York Times", "Nature", "National Geographic",
"Medical History Bulletin", "Economist", "China Pictorial", "Australian
"Art and Archaeology", "Archaeology", "American Antiquity", "Anthropology
Review", "Antiquity", "Archaeological Journal" and others.

There are too many references to repeat them here. The work is all done in
Dead Men's Secrets. You need the book to zero in on specific examples.
I have included more than a thousand examples of the lost knowledge. Hope
that is enough to get you started [smile].



QUESTION: it all mean?  Why have these discoveries and knowledge
been covered up and denied for so long?
What is the message for our

present time?   Bill

ANSWER: We are a very privileged generation. It seems that these

discoveries have been reserved for this generation of skepticism,  to give

us good reason to believe in something other than what the Establishment 

says about a primitive past from which we are supposed to have "evolved"

by chance. Every bit of new evidence is now crying out against that theory.


The message as I see it is to look for the One who designed us from the

very beginning with a mighty brain and a natural feeling for handcrafts and

technology. It seems to me that we were programmed with amazing

capabilities by a Master Creator. Indeed, we are "fearfully and wonderfully


And maybe somewhere our Maker has left for us a "Handbook"

to live by. Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions and everything

runs well. Ignore them and we break down.


What do you think?


QUESTION:  Well Mr Gray, if indeed there was a much more advanced
culture millennia ago( they
even had "nuke's") and they're no longer
around, what does that bode for us?     Lawrence 

ANSWER: A good question Lawrence. we need to take the past more

seriously and change our direction.


QUESTION: I'm looking for insights into how physics can be used to

engineer the levitation of heavy blocks through sound, produce ambient

light without using a conventional bulb, produce unlimited energy from

the Aether, engineer crystals for energy and light, etc. 


From what I have read of the ancient technology, and knowing physics

as I do, it is clear to me that previous civilizations had already advanced

far beyond our present level of technology and I think I can learn a lot from

these ancient clues.




The subject interested me, simply because of my earlier research into ancient

science - aspects such as antigravity, free energy from the atmosphere, time

viewing, alteration of the mass of physical objects, and so on. In Dead Men's

Secrets (pp. 303-304,323-324) I was asking, Could these things really have

been understood (and even utilised) in the ancient world? It seems so.


In any case, there is some interesting research by Col. Tom Bearden,

a systems analyst. He has written a book called "Energy From the Vacuum".

And he also has a website. it is


QUESTION: I’m looking for energy.  I am a physics major at CU in Colorado
and in the physics world there something new called "Zero point energy" or
"Spatial Energy".  It is the collection of energy for the magnetic field of any atom
as they spin.  It is sometimes referred to as "taking energy out of the thin air". If
you have any experience, leads or knowledge of anything familiar, I would highly
appreciate it.  Nina

ANSWER: As a matter of fact, I recently came across an article on Lt. Col.

Tom Bearden, a systems analyst and war games specialist, who has been

advocating something similar. His website is    I hope it is

helpful to you.



QUESTION:  When do you think was the last time the earth flipped
on its axis, reversing polarity? Have you determined by any scientific
methods how many thousands of years that cycle is?   Bill

ANSWER:  Periodic axis flipping has been theorized in an attempt to
explain the apparent repetition of reversed polarity in some rocks.

But there are other easy explanations for this phenomenon, which do

not depend on such a theory. 


This much is a fact, the axis of the earth has been tilted. George F.
Dodwell, director of the Adelaide Observatory, analysed periodic

measurements taken through history of the "variation of the obliquity
of the ecliptic".


His discovery was that the earth's axis had once been upright, but it

had been suddenly changed to a 26 1/2 degree tilt, from which it had

been wobbling back to its present mean tilt of 23 1/2 degrees. The date

of this sudden tilting, from his curve of observations, is 2345 BC.


Such an event would have had catastrophic consequences for this planet.

Interestingly, the date corresponds to that calculated from biblical data

for the Great Flood.


QUESTION: As we see from the earth, the Sun moves around the world 360 degrees
every day. Could there be a time when the Sun moved just 90 degrees or 180 degrees,
i.e., it never set in the evenings?

ANSWER: The movement has always been a full 360 degrees, from the rotation of the
earth on its axis. But there is evidence that the year was
a little shorter - 360 days to a
year, compared with the present 365 1/4 days, in the earth’s orbit of the sun.


QUESTION:  I seem to remember that you said somewhere that the continents were
divided at the time of Peleg. But from your book The Killing of Paradise Planet it

seems that you now think this division was part of the Great Flood? Have I
understood correctly?

ANSWER:  As I understand it, at the time of the Flood, under great pressure, cracks
were opened up – and as these great cracks grew and joined, fire spat out of the earth.

In this event, the earth was ripped into continents. They were not separated at this time,
but simply ripped apart at the seams.

The wrenching apart occurred later, in the time of Peleg.


QUESTION: Thinking about your book The Killing of Paradise Planet. You refer

to the rising of the sea level and also to the way the continents fit together. The fitting

of the continents seems to be based on the present shoreline, yet, if the original shoreline

was much lower, there would seem to be an anomaly here?

Do you have any suggestions?

ANSWER:  All the continents can be fitted together - not along their shorelines (which

would leave gaps between), but along their coastal shelves.


Around each continent, the continental shelves vary in width out from the shore, but

when you put the shelves together, they fit almost perfectly. The continental shelves

appear to be the edges of the continents after they split, but before the post-Flood

sea level rose over the centuries up to 500 feet, due the melting of the post-Flood

ice sheets and evaporation of the post-Flood inland seas, into the oceans.


QUESTION:  Is it all possible that Antarctica became “frozen”due to
(1) Crustal Displacement (still a theory) or (2) some sort of “Flash”

freezing (another theory)?   Lawrence

ANSWER: No 1 on your list could be a partial reason. A massive continental

split was triggered as a result of the Great Flood disaster (which was a major
cosmic event - not just a Flood, as we understand floods.).

There is evidence that a whole package of events followed in the wake of the

Great Flood. These were intermeshed, and involved volcanism to a massive

extent and what it did to the atmosphere, rainfall, and blocking of the sun's

incoming rays. (Heat, not surprisingly, is required for an Ice Age.)


QUESTION: What is the Hollow Earth, and the subterranean secret

world of cities and tunnels?  Zelimir

ANSWER: The hollow earth theory is that we are living on the outer

shell, but at the poles are entrances to an inner earth, lit by an inner sun.
Many explorers have noticed some phenomena which are very hard
to explain by conventional science - but do make some sense if the
earth were hollow. However, this remains only a theory, still awaiting

more evidence.

The subject of caves and tunnels under the outer surface of this earth
is quite a different matter. I have been inside some of these tunnels
systems and have photographs. These are very real.



QUESTION:  Have you heard of the Lost Book of Enki. And what are your
thoughts on it? Jason

ANSWER:  Yes, it is certainly an interesting document. It is one of those found in
Mesopotamia which give an insight into the beliefs of the groups
that stemmed from
Nimrod of  “Tower of Babel" infamy. There was a
bid by Nimrod, with help from
the fallen emissaries of Lucifer with whom he consorted,  to re-write and present a
version of history that would help promote their long term  agenda for control of this

It's a long story - but an important one. And I shall be releasing a book on the subject
hopefully over the next 12 months.


QUESTION:  Do not agree with your premise that it is impossible to
explain a more highly intelligent "man" evolving on some other planet.
We can look all around us and see evidence of just that. If we are the
only "beings" in this universe with our limited mental and emotional
capacity then we are indeed in deep trouble. Beverly

ANSWER:  Beverly, I do agree with you that there are many other

inhabited worlds. You are absolutely right on that. We are not the only

beings in this universe.


However, what I was trying to say was this:


1. It is widely assumed that man stumbled on for millions of years

unable to accomplish anything on his own. Then suddenly, he appears

with high intelligence out of nowhere - just a few thousand years ago -

and evolution can't explain that.


2. If the evolution theory is true, then this is out of character and does

not make sense. Mankind for so long with NOTHING, then suddenly

with EVERYTHING. Evolution is unable to account for that sudden

extreme change. It is unable to explain such a SUDDEN acquisition of

 intelligence. There has to be another explanation.


3. Since such advanced thinking capabilities and complex technology

could not just appear from nothing, some have speculated that maybe

galactic visitors were responsible... that these aliens crossbred with

primates to produce modern man, then left behind artifacts from their

visit. Yes, it's an interesting theory.


4. However, in Dead Men's Secrets I give six good reasons why this

could not be so.


5. We've just noted in Point 3 that such advanced thinking capabilities

and complex technology could not just appear from nothing, that is, 

they could not just evolve. And if evolution could not do it on this planet,

it is equally impossible to explain a more highly intelligent man evolving

on some other planet.


6. That is, high intelligence cannot be the product of chance evolution,

whether here or anywhere else in the universe. There has to be another

explanation. Man did appear suddenly - at the top, not at the bottom.

The same would have to be true for beings on other worlds. They did not

just "evolve".


7. And if that takes us to a Prime Intelligence who created them, let us

look to that same Prime Intelligence for our own origins. It makes sense.


6. The bottom line is this: Man is a created artifact, far more wonderful than

any computer. He was carefully planned and endowed with the gift of language

and the most amazing intellect, as well as a feeling for handcrafts and

technology. As well as the capacity to commune with his Maker, the Prime



QUESTION: Do you have, or what book can you recommend, for study on

races of the people of the world? Is there material or a web site that can give

me answers to questions like the origin of the races?  James, S. Africa

ANSWER:  Here's a book that should help. It is entitled "In Search of ... the

Origin of Nations".  For details on the book and how to order, go to

And very soon we shall be releasing the explosive new book “The Corpse
Came Back”. This will present new evidence of our origins that is set to shake
the scientificworld. If you are not yet on our mailing list, get on it quickly. I
shall keep you posted on this and other developments.


QUESTION: Do you believe that the fallen angels in Gen. had children with
the human women and these unholy unions caused a lot of the mythology's we
have from the past? And were these beings probably responsible for the high
tech world of the past? Just wondering what you thought. You seem to have
explored this so well. Thanks, Judy

ANSWER: Man was created with the DNA for high intelligence and a feeling
for handcrafts and technology already built in. He did not need extra input from
fallen angels to achieve such a high state. However, evil influences did operate
in that ancient world, which led to a perversion of the good that he started with.



Is there a possibility that the God, say of the Jews, who came in light and sound,
thunders and lightnings, was just a “Martian” super technician? Or a rebel scientist
of an unknown space civilization?

ANSWER: It is certainly possible that other entities have communicated with
mankind in the past, and still do.

However, because the evolution theory is unscientific and impossible, that also means
that in the first place nothing could just evolve to become a Martian, nor could any
other space civilization just evolve from nothing.

Above and beyond all, however, there is good evidence of a real Creator God.
With this evidence that such a Prime Intelligence does exist, we should not be too
ready to dismiss the possibility that he himself would want to interact with creatures
he has made.

Think about this. If you had created intelligent creatures such as man, on this earth,
would you thereafter have no interest in them, or would you want to communicate
your thoughts to them? I believe we have indisputable evidence that our Creator has
done this throughout history.


QUESTION: What about the Greek ancient gods?

ANSWER: The development of these can be traced historically. These were real
human beings of an earlier superior civilization, that were first admired by their
descendants for their superiority, but later elevated in the minds of their inferior
descendants to the status of gods.


QUESTION:  Having in mind the modern scientific discoveries in DNA /RNA,
is there any possibility that the creator of all the creatures on earth is just another
one like us?

ANSWER:  The DNA code is not something that can evolve, step by step, nor
even appear suddenly, fully assembled - unless it has first been programmed. And
that requires a Master Creator, a Superior Designer working to a pre-organised
plan. Someone who is not one of us, but much greater than us. Someone greater
than any extraterrestrials.

The astonishing fact is that inside every microscopic-sized cell, machines work
together to accomplish specific jobs and are shepherded by other specially shaped
machines to precise locations where they are needed.

This is absolutely mind-boggling, to perceive at this scale of size, such a finely tuned
apparatus, a device, that bears the marks of intelligent design and manufacture.

This is observable evidence of thoughtful, programmed designing by some Superior Entity
 - who is greater than the creation itself.


QUESTION:  But where did he himself come from?

ANSWER:  We assume that everything must have a beginning. Because on this
earth everything we see has a time limit or a space limit to it . We understand only
those things that have a beginning and an end.

But if there is One who is above all, who created all things – then he is not necessarily
limited by time. Therefore he did not need to have to have a beginning as we
understand it. He is above our ability to understand - and bigger than everything He

Out on the baseball field, as the game goes on, a little ant crawls around the roots
of the grass, oblivious to the big game being played above him. Just try to explain
that baseball game to the ant. It is incapable of comprehending.

So it is with us in relation to our Creator. As an old book says, “The secret things
belong to God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children


QUESTION: You do not mention anything much about Star People or UFOs
anywhere in your book.   Is this because you don't believe they exist or what?

ANSWER: The reason I don't mention UFOs etc, is not through lack of belief
that some are real (they are), but rather that ancient civilizations have a human

origin and impetus, so I focus on what our ancestors did. UFOs are quite another

subject in their own right, and could take one's time, to do it right.


QUESTION:  Just how do all these finds fit with the Bible?.
It would appear to be some conflict.

ANSWER:  From the overall “big picture” of all the information available,
there appears to be no conflict with the Bible view of history. Man started

out with a superior intellect and a feeling for handcrafts and technology.

The evidence is of subsequent deterioration, not evolution. That evidence

is consistent with the scenario of history presented in the Bible

We should bear in mind that the Bible is not a book about technology and

science, although when it casually touches on such things its statements are

found to be valid. Its theme is basically something quite different - -the

account of the Creator's interaction with mankind throughout history.


QUESTION: Where did Cain find his wife if Adam and Eve were the only
people on earth?

ANSWER:   You state your belief that Adam and Eve were the only people
on earth at the beginning. And I have to agree with you there is increasing
scientific evidence to support this biblical scenario.
The book of Genesis says
their son Cain killed his brother Abel. But according to the same record
(chapter 5:4) these were not their only children. Chapter 5:4 of Genesis says
that Adam and Eve “begat sons AND DAUGHTERS.”
Of necessity, the first generation would have to marry their own brothers and
sisters. But because the race was genetically pure at that time (everything
spanking new and functioning perfectly), the risk of mutations in offspring
born from such a union, that exists in our time, would be virtually non-existent.




QUESTION:  I consider myself an intelligent person but for the life of me I will

never understand why all the secrecy and denial that all these things exist, what

do you think? Shirley

ANSWER:  As you know, you won’t hear these things in school.  Shattered myths

still dominate the textbooks we learn from.


Do you know that up to 200 years after the flat earth theory was disproved, schools

in Europe were still teaching it as fact? Entrenched theories do die hard. It takes time.

And the discoveries I am sharing do challenge the entrenched evolution theory.


However, a hopeful trend is emerging.

Biology tutor Sue Addinell (Islington 6th Form College in UK) reported the

changing nature of the biology syllabus. In the 1990s there had been a

shift away from the evidence for evolution towards the practical application

of biological science. One current textbook now had no mention of Darwin

in its index.


It is no wonder that leading evolutionists such as Steve Jones and Richard
Dawkins are becoming so incensed. They are losing and they can't understand



Andrew Jacobs reported in the New York Times of January 30, 2004 that

“Education officials in the state of Georgia removed the word “evolution” and

scaled back ideas about the natural selection of species in a proposed set of

guidelines for school science classes.”


That’s a start!

Many honest scientists are caught up in the system – and sincerely misinformed.

It was all they were taught. They do not know about the evidence against it.

Constant exposure to something, in most cases, leads to its acceptance. As

Hitler acknowledged, “Tell a lie long enough and people will come to believe it.”


However, we do need to face this fact. The present system is in the grip of

powerful men with enormous money behind them – and an agenda.


Established systems of science, education and public media are thoroughly

committed to the belief that macro-evolution is a “fact”, so you will seldom

hear the FACTS about discoveries which totally upset that belief.

Carl Sagan clones repeatedly spout off words such as “billions and billions of

years”.  And ten years of evolution is crammed down the throats of our children. 

By and large the Establishment refuses to accept the fossil evidence at face value.


Most university graduates have acquired their degrees through this system.

They now find their careers, their reputations and their very livelihood at risk,

should they admit publicly that what they have been teaching is a big mistake.


Many who have renounced the theory of evolution have not only lost funding

for their projects, they have also been misrepresented, ridiculed  and fired. And

much of their research has then been destroyed. Examples of such treatment

could fill volumes.


And here’s something else to consider. It is almost impossible for any person

who has taken a public stance on a certain position, to make a public admission

that what he has taught is wrong.


So the unsuspecting public continues to be fed this planned menu. Those in charge

influence the education system, the media and the publishing industry.


But we can help change that.


QUESTION:  I wonder if you have any information regarding a gold

chain that was found in a lump of coal somewhere in America (I'm pretty

sure it was 1800 and something). I read about a long time ago, but I can

not seem to find out anything about it.

 I enjoy your website and tantalising emails. Keep it up.   Dan Soper

ANSWER: On June 9, 1891, Mrs S.W. Culp in Morrinsville, Illinois,
accidentally dropped a shovelful of coal on the floor. One large piece broke
open. Inside it was an intricately made 8 carat gold chain, 10 inches long,
coiled and embedded. When the coal broke into two pieces, the two ends

of the chain remained attached, one to each piece of coal.


The coal, said to be of the "carboniferous era", several million years ago,

came from a mine in Pennsylvania. (Morrinsville Times,  June 11, 1891) 


This, and other evidences of man found in coal, go against the prevailing

evolutionary dogma that coal was formed millions of years before man

appeared on earth. So the alternatives are either:

1. that man is millions of years older than thought, or

2. that the coal is not millions of years old.


I have a newly released book on this and other discoveries of this nature.

It is called Surprise Witness.



Could you explain to me in the simplest form you can what is radiometric
dating and how it works, so I can understand the basic concept of it. Olga

ANSWER:  The methods that can give us ideas of the earth’s age

(“geological clocks”, one calls them) are all based on the theory that natural

processes which occur steadily through time will produce cumulative and

often measurable results.


Three popular dating methods are uranium into lead, potassium into argon,

and rubidium into strontium.  In each case, when a molten rock cools and

solidifies, then any radio-active “parent” element is supposed to decay into

its “daughter” element at a known, slow rate.  The amount of each still

remaining today in a rock will tell us the “age” of that rock

Carbon dating is another method, used to determine how long ago something

in the animal or vegetable kingdom died.


It is based on the radioactive decay rate in organic matter. 


While it is alive, very living thing absorbs cosmic radio-active carbon-14 from

the atmosphere.  At death, this intake ceases and the radiocarbon in the

organism begins to disintegrate.  The amount of remaining C-14 is used to

calculate how long ago the organism died.


The validity of carbon dating depends on three assumptions:

1.         That the amount of cosmic radiation in the atmosphere has remained

constant at all times in all places;

2.      That the sample tested has not been contaminated by recent microbes

or bacteria;


3.         That there has been no exchange with the outside world.


When carbon dating was first announced by Dr. Libby in 1949, it was thought

to be the last word, but that early confidence is no longer justified.


It has been discovered that cosmic radiations vary widely, due to many factors,

natural and industrial.


Suppose you enter a sealed room which contains nothing but a burning candle. 

You are asked to determine how long the candle has been burning. You soon

realise how impossible this is.  You could measure the relative amounts of oxygen

and carbon dioxide in the room;  or you could try to figure out how long the

melted wax took to accumulate.


But you cannot know whether someone had opened and re-shut the window. 

Was it ever put out and re-lit?  Could some interruption have caused it to burn



There is room for enormous error.

Dating cannot deal with unique events.  They’re gone.  You cannot re-run them. 

You cannot repeat a test on them.


Every radiometric dating method we operate today is invalid as a scientific test

for the past.  You cannot guarantee it.  It remains nothing more than a reasoned


There are so many unknown factors to consider.  And these are not appreciated

by many scientists who use the method itself.


Science cannot deal with the past.  Consequently, there is no test available now

that can give you a scientifically guaranteed date for the past.  All we can do is

use the methods about which we can make assumptions that are reasonable.

So when you’re told a certain date has been proved, you’re hearing someone

who either doesn’t understand the scientific test, or who (hopefully not) is lying

to you.


 QUESTION:   Sometimes dates obtained from two or more radiometric

methods agree. Doesn’t this prove the accuracy of radiometric dating?  

 ANSWER:  In view of the rarity of such agreements, it may well be that

such are fortuitous coincidences.


We must be clear on this:  there is no large body of concordant data, but there

is a massive body of discordant data. In other words, two dating methods



As one authority concedes:


“Age estimates on a given geological stratum by different radiometric methods

are often quite different (sometimes by hundreds of millions of  years).  There

is no absolutely reliable long-term radiological ‘clock’.  The uncertainties

inherent in radiometric dating are disturbing to geologists and evolutionists.”

(W.D. Stansfield (Instructor of Biology, California Polytech State University),

The Science of Evolution.  New York:  Macmillan and Co., 1977, pp.82,84)




I would like to know how you study to become an archaeologist.

Sorry to say it, but universities can be a near disaster. Better to learn from men who are in the front line, at the sites


Do you fear for your life when you find these things?


No, because I love truth more than life itself. I have survived attempts made on my life. So will carry on.


Are you afraid of the things you've learned?


No, I'm excited and thrilled.


I would like to know all there is to know of the technology people of the past used in there everyday lives.

Oh, there is so much. But in my book Dead Men's Secrets there are heaps of them.


What is your Opinion on the "Hollow Earth" theory?


There are certain phenomena which are hard to explain, unless the interior of the earth is hollow. Yes, it's a strong possibility.


How many other nations know about these discoveries?


Many of them.


Do they cover it all up TOO?


Indeed many governments do.


QUESTION:   I hold a BA in history and am now working on albeit slowly a
certification in archaeology through distant learning from the University of Leicester
in the UK.  I hope to continue on to earn a MA and finally a PhD in the discipline.
I place a question before you good sir and hope I will gain from your wisdom. I am
44 years old and I wonder if I am too old to go into the field -  not field work so to
speak but into the discipline as a life’s work, due to my age. I understand that there
are a lot of young academics out there that I must compete against, so I would very
much appreciate your input on this.


I encourage you in your endeavours. Age a barrier? Forget that. Uncountable men
have commenced their careers in their 70s and 80s and made valuable discoveries 
or bequeathed outstanding achievements to benefit the world. So go for it. A mature

mind holds great advantages over the inexperience of cocksureness of youth.

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